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What kind of socks should I wear when playing basketball ...

I just got myself my first pair of legit basketball shoes the other day. I played in it for first time recently and sometimes felt like my socks were sliding inside the shoe. I was (stupidly) wearing pretty thin dress socks so I'm looking for some appropriate socks to wear when playing b-ball.

What's so great about nike elite basketball socks ...

Nothing they are just nike. level 2. 21pcorcoran. Original Poster. 1 point · 2 years ago. Lol that's true. People are willing to spend 3x more on anything if it's Nike. In their defense tho, every Nike product that I have bought has been quality. Continue this thread.

Anyone have experience with the Nike elite crew socks ...

Anyone have experience with the Nike elite crew socks? Just bought some, thought it was three pairs so I got two packs for 6 pairs, turns out it’s only 1 pair per pack… for $14 dollars. I’m probably going to return them in the morning but was wondering if y’all think they’re worth it at all?

A Guide to Socks : malefashionadvice - reddit

Well-made/designed/fitted socks, of any size, will help. Machine-drying will destroy the elastic and knit. Over-the-calf socks are less prone to falling down. Don't tumble-dry, especially with heat. Boat/summer shoes look 1000 times better with no-shows or sockless. They were designed for wet/sandy/dusty circumstances; socks are contraindicated.

Got my first pair of boots, do I need socks too? : bootroom

I usually use thinner socks, but it's all up to preference. The key is to be consistent. Your boot stretches and conforms as you wear it. Changing sock thickness will result in a poorly fitting boot. 2. level 1. [deleted] · 7y. I typically use soccer socks or Nike basketball socks (quarter height).

How can I stop getting blisters on my feet?! : Basketball

I play basketball (for recreation) anywhere from 3-5 times a week. I wear different types of shoes and I have encountered this problem in about 3 different pairs. I get blisters on the both balls of my feet from rubbing the skin, kind of like the blisters you would get from swinging on hot monkey bars.