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why my forehand is always flying high? | Talk Tennis

i realized whenever i try to hit a hard flat forehand, my shots tend to go long or go high or both. I've tried to turn my racquet face down a bit to hit a flat shot, but that usually just ends up at the net. I have a semi western/western grip. my 2h back hand is solid for years now, but my...

Fix Your High Forehand - Tennis Evolution

Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, reveals the key secret to handle the high tennis forehand effectively. He provides a detailed demonstration on how you can easily fix this specific type of forehand, so that you can start hitting it with more power and confidence just like the best players on tour.

How To Hit High Forehands in Tennis - Serve and Volley Tennis

Grip Change. If you hit with an eastern forehand grip, you’ll want to change to a semi-western grip when hitting high forehands. The eastern forehand grip has your index finger knuckle on the third bevel of the racket. For the semi-western grip, you’ll be moving your index knuckle to the fourth bevel.

Forehand Tennis Tip: Why is My Forehand Going Long? - YouTube

Please watch: "New 2018 Free Tennis Training Series: "The Closer" Master the Midcourt" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd4dMs5bwbw --~--We go a question from...

Fix Problems With Your Tennis Forehand Swing

You're probably too close to the ball, which cramps your arm into your body and causes you to pull left as you swing. If your swing is at all rotational, hitting early will make you hit too far left. Uncoiling your upper body to generate power is good, but you don't want your racquet swinging around you like a gate.

How To Deal With High Balls To Backhand And ... - Feel Tennis

Nov 18. 27. Learning how to handle a high ball to the backhand or forehand side in tennis requires you to adjust your technique and play a tactically correct shot. In order to deal with a high ball, especially on the backhand side, you need to prepare the stroke higher and pull across instead of hitting up on the ball.

Why "Swing Low-To-High" Instruction Doesn't ... - Feel Tennis

An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. One of the most common instructions tennis coaches like to give to players is to “swing low to high” on their forehands and backhands to apply topspin to the ball or to just play the ball higher above the net.

Forehand Hitting the Net? 5 Actionable Tips You Can Do Now To ...

Forehand Hitting the Net? 5 Actionable Tips You Can Do Now To fix It Going Low to High. Beginners move in a very parallel manner when they start tennis, and that seems the most logical. Hitting with Topspin. Hitting the ball with topspin is the greatest service you can do to your game. It helps keep ...